Daily Archives: September 6, 2015

Having and limit

Sometimes what one already has limits what one can in truth have because when one has, one cannot see that there is lack! And the worse lack is for one to be in lack and know not that one is in lack, because the knowledge of lack in truth is the very beginning of the abundance, of the double abundance which adds to five times the amount!

The parallel road

Son, my firstborn son, who has become as if the second for taking the other road, there really is another road and that real road, is parallel to the road of the world. But, son, that other and good road cannot be crossed because it has not any crossings or borders. Son, you can only get there when you seek the one who made that good road and when he who made that good road lets himself be found, he who made the good road will lift you with his loving grace and he will put you there in that other and good road.

And if you get really interested in he who made that other and good road, thus he who made that other and good road will test you and if you reject the tests, no longer he who made that other and good road will bother you so that you can continue on the road of the world until your very end.

But, my son, very foolish are you if you return after felling the loving grace, because now nothing will ever be for you the same as before!

The real fruit

He who makes God the good and loving Creator his real console and his real joy, he will have the real double fruit. And the real double fruit is an abundance which adds to five times the amount, which in truth is real peace and real knowledge, real gladness and real joy and also is real acknowledgement, because now one is prince of salvation!

Criticism and one

To criticize another was simply in truth to cry and cry for the lack which will come to one oneself! Do not criticize the thing borrowed or what belongs to another, because you will never use it again. For he who criticizes another, in truth another he is imitating for that very moment of criticism.

Because in truth, criticism is a very poor imitation of oneself! And besides, what does not belong to one, one will never know how to really use it! And the same is with the salvation of another who says that one was saved because of another, but the truth is that one is really saved because of one seeking the salvation of God!

The name and the form

The name or the knowledge is what in truth or what is in reality gives form to the person who was born alive as also the name or the knowledge is what in truth gives form to the good creation of God.

Thus in truth, the better or the greater the name or the knowledge given to the creation of God as also to God, thus the creation of God will be to one as also God will be to one…

Too much rest and chaos

Too much rest, in truth, harms not only the one resting too much but also harms too much what was made, if it was that something was made. Because in truth, what was kept from being done or from being known, thus it returns to chaos or it loses its form. Even the dead lose their form because they cannot do in truth or they cannot really do. And what is done in truth or is truly done thus makes in truth a very good rest and a very good rest is that rest where one has become as new without even one resting even…