The law and the skin

The gladness and the joy are known through the skin. Naked skin shows shame to him who has no knowledge or has no understanding of the naked skin. The resurrection is proven or is manifested through the skin. The skin is the law of the body and through the skin the body obeys the law. The living law is proven through the living skin.

Without skin there is no lack. And while there is skin dying, death waits! The gladness or that which is called the spirit of God only can be given by God, but only when there is living skin and that skin alive desires the gladness or that which is called the spirit of God.

When the skin is lacking, thus also lacks the living law and lacks the gladness of God. Without skin there is neither law nor there is knowledge of God. And without the knowledge of God, the skin will not revive and death is what will be, death will be according to the law of God.

To end, without the skin the person cannot be seen. And even though the skin is not the person, the skin represents the person because the skin speaks for the person as the skin spoke for the person at the person’s birth.

But when the person takes complete form and there is no longer expansion of the skin, thus if the person does not speak for the skin, the skin will die and the skin will lose its form as also the very person will lose the form.


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