To continue for dumb

If one pretends to be dumb and for being dumb brings one something, thus one will not stop from being dumb! But what can receive a dumb if not dumbness so that he can maintain dumb or so that he can continue pretending to be dumb? The truth is that what is received easily, easily takes away from one the grand struggle or the good desire to do the good labor! Because in truth, true knowledge which in truth is the good labor and reward, is for what is done and once one has for fact from oneself the knowledge, the knowledge will speak for one as one also will speak for the knowledge. And once one begins to speak for the knowledge, one does not have to go to seek or to go to arrive, because now everything will come to one, even the very heavens and all their content!

Because in truth, when one speaks for knowledge as once knowledge in truth spoke for one because one did in truth for that very same knowledge, thus the very heavens and all of their very content in truth will respond here on the very earth to one for one through acknowledgment!


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