With God there will be better

It is not known in truth the worse of life until it is known in truth God, because with God there will be better, but not before knowing the worse! Thus, to come to know God is in truth to come also to know true peace or the peace of God and through that peace of God one in truth will have also true knowledge of God because God in truth will offer to one something better, such as that nothing will be lacking to one or something similar! And with that wonderful encounter or with that grandiose drawing near of God thus one in truth feels true gladness and true joy, which truly is the loving grace of God or the loving presence of God as Creator!

That loving grace or presence of God comes and goes often and with her also one feels the gladness and the joy and also one feels in abundance, as if one has everything, and at the same time it is repeated the offer or the promise of God which God made to one, such as that you will lack nothing! But if one keeps quiet for not knowing in truth what is happening to one, thus in a short time the loving grace departs and one stops feeling the peace, there is no longer knowledge because the voice is no longer heard promising, one stops from feeling the gladness and the joy and even also one stops feeling the abundance. Thus, one in truth has known the better!

And now the worse is on the road and will be much longer than the loving grace, but since one has truly known the better thus for the better one truly waits for and now one also in truth knows the worse which one in truth is capable of doing, but does not do it because of in truth knowing the better, the better of God which one in truth desires and one in truth requests for!


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