Through borrowed eyes

Even though a good work takes time, that good work will not be complete until it is in truth seeing through borrowed eyes. And if the borrowed eyes become joyful, thus the work has being in truth blessed in joy and because of the work being blessed in joy, the work will not only bring joy and will make to be reborn all that look, even though many may be sad, but the work also will be a work that will renew herself, even though she was seen through mortal eyes that when they see the things, no matter if immortal or great, the things soon stop from being…

But without the eyes there is no beauty and even though she stops being beautiful and stops being eternal, thus there exists rebirth through gladness and through joy! Because in truth, it can only be reborn in life and only be reborn through gladness and joy, and the work that one in truth can do is to seek for the very great source of that gladness and that joy so that one in truth can be reborn through them and thus one be seeing, but seeing through immortal eyes and one becomes as the good work blessed through joy!


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