In the things of God

In the things of God the good and loving Creator, first there in truth has to be a lot of abundance so that later there in truth be abundance of birth. Because in truth, the abundance already was before the very creation and because of the abundance of God, which in truth is peace of God, knowledge of God, gladness of God, joy of God and the abundant emptiness or the space which was named, thus was born the creation in all abundance!

And because of that very abundance of God, thus man alive will be reborn if it is that man in truth wants to be reborn to continue with life where with life man was put by God Creator with all abundance so that man would be born and reborn as the same as God!

Because in truth, every time that a man is born and born alive, thus God also is reborn and reborn alive as Creator! And every time a man is reborn, thus the Creator is reborn as Father!


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