To understand and to overcome

To understand in truth and to overcome in truth, and to overcome in truth is to come in truth to have faith, thus one must acknowledge what one knows. One must acknowledge in truth what in truth one knows or come to know what one understands. Because in truth, to truly come to understand is to truly come to truly enter into life or into salvation!

But the very curious thing is that one in truth enters where one already is, into oneself! But that entrance or that awakening makes one feel with complete gladness and with complete joy as if one has just being born with complete understanding or knowledge and with complete form, complete form that will never corrupt due to the complete understanding or knowledge of one which in truth has given form to one!

Because in truth, only through knowledge is done or is struggled so that through knowledge form be taken and with from be born! And only through acknowledgement or understanding one will take form or reform so that in truth be reborn and continue with life in complete abundance, in complete abundance here on the earth, which will be as another or a third earth, but here as in the very heavens!


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