The dress of shame

He that is not friendly truly feels ashamed when another offers friendship, but instead of the one ashamed removing that dress of shame, he also shames the other. But since the other is wearing a dress of true friendship, thus the dress of shame does not fit him and will fall or drop off when he apologizes even though it was not his intention to dress the other fellow with shame, but to dress him with true friendship.

And so is with God. God dresses every man with every color of the rainbow. To one man as many a man, God dresses with the dress of true peace because through true peace comes true knowledge or victory and true knowledge or victory comes true gladness and true joy, but if ever a man feels ashamed with one of the dresses that God puts on him, thus God will remove all of the dresses so that the man stops feeling ashamed and become naked once again!

But the irony of the things is that even though that man has returned to his former state of nakedness, he feels more ashamed now for turning down the dresses of God!

Thus, now that naked man enters into a long struggle so that God once again dress him with the very colors of the rainbow, even one color at a time! And so he begins to ask for peace and knowledge, which is to dress him of blue! And if he is dressed again with peace and knowledge, the next two colors come automatic! Those two colors are orange and red. And if he is dressed of orange and red then he will feel the double abundance, the double abundance which in truth is green and which will in truth come in all splendor of yellow!

And if ever that man is dressed with the color of splendor, he will have a permanent dress, a dress that can never be removed, not even by God because of his true love!

And the colors that remain also that man will be dressed with if with them that man wants to be dressed, dressed with the color of royal dwelling and with the color of eternal knowledge!


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