Present and present in abundance

To do is to learn and to learn is to recollect. To learn is remembering things that already are but are things not seen because one has not done to understand or to know to be able to see the things already present and already present in abundance!

Now then, the conscious living being is a being of true knowledge and being a being of true knowledge, the conscious living being needs true knowledge to continue on living but not just living as the body lives but living in a constant revival, so constant that the body no longer needs food to keep alive and even stops aging!

But for the conscious living being to be able to constantly revive, the conscious living being must open his mouth and request from above the knowledge which he needs to revive and if he has in truth presented himself with a true request for knowledge, the knowledge that he requested will in truth be granted to him!

Because in truth, one will be given or one will be granted to with the true knowledge which one has presented oneself with! Thus, if one requests, which is presenting, as son thus as son one will be given or granted the knowledge…


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