A true foundation

Those that believe that they belong some other place, some other place other than the very earth where they were all born, their very believes have many faults! Because in truth, their very believes have no true foundation. A true foundation requires deep digging. A true foundation requires the earth deep in the finger nails. And so when those that dug are at rest, they also dig back out with the earth dug in, thus allowing therefore to see that man is as much of the earth as the earth is of man. Because in truth, the earth is the true foundation, but only when one digs in her to in her built and built from her to be more of her.

Thus, true believes as true foundations are believes or foundations which can be built upon them and if it cannot be built upon them, thus they are false believes and they will crumble as the very believer crumbles for failure to build a true foundation.

Because in truth, if one does not build a true foundation thus the heavens will not come to acknowledge or to recognize that foundation as a true foundation and the earth will never be as in the very heavens!


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