Rebirth through doing

He that speaks much of what some other did not do, thus he will do the very same thing! Because in truth, one does so that in truth one can know and through the true knowledge of one thus one will be in truth recognized so that also one through that new knowledge or recognition or acknowledgement one in truth completes what one started to do. That is, nothing is in truth complete until it is acknowledged complete!

Now then, he that is born alive has to in truth complete that birth so that when that birth, which his fact is, is in truth complete thus that birth in truth will be rebirth, which in truth is to receive knowledge or acknowledgement for doing in truth through birth.

Thus in truth, life is not completed with birth but life in truth is completed with rebirth! And not to come to complete that birth with rebirth, thus is to die and is also to be for all eternity very far away from life and very far away from the Eternal, which lives with the living!


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