Noise and the enemy

If one makes noise before the battle, one will hear it from the enemy! Now then, noise is an indicator and will allow the enemy to get to where one is. But when one stops the noise the enemy will become afraid and leave. And the same thing is with knowledge!

They enemy of life and of God will come to one to harm one with the very knowledge that one has of life and of God, but the greater the knowledge of God one has thus the less harm the enemy can do to one. But the enemy of life will continue trying until one denies God because that is the way that the enemy of life and of God harms God! But when one’s knowledge of God becomes complete through God, thus nothing can ever harm one, not even the enemy because he cannot harm one that has complete knowledge, complete knowledge that the enemy can never possess because it is complete knowledge from God! And complete knowledge from God is a complete name from God, a complete name because that complete name will have the complete power and the complete authority from the heavens here on earth!


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