To give birth to joy

A seeker in truth becomes or is transformed in a true fighter and because of being a true fighter thus true peace walks behind him so that he can in truth have a small victory of peace and because of the small victory of peace, that fighter also has illumination which in truth is a true knowledge that he did not have before which in truth will take him to have a joy which neither he knew also. And even though he may have not yet noticed, that good fighter now is beloved, beloved is in truth, beloved even though he always was! And if through beloved he gives true knowledge to that joy or knows her thus he also gives birth or comes to know another victory, which in truth is a victory which can take him as beloved to eternity!

Now then, to give knowledge or to know is to give birth or rebirth! And he that seeks for the truth of very existence or for the truth of God to in God believe and because of believing in God thus God wakes as Creator, thus he the seeker will give birth to peace and through peace he the seeker also will have illumination or knowledge of God as God Creator. And through the knowledge of God as Creator, thus he the seeker in truth will have the joy of God and if because of her he the seeker gives all knowledge to her, not only will he be reborn for more but also God will be reborn once again because God will be more than Creator!


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