The gladness of God

The good spirit or the good inspiration of God, which in truth is the gladness of God, dwells in truth in the wisdom of heart. And wisdom of heart comes from God because through her is that in truth is prepared the dwelling of God.

Now then, wisdom of heart or true wisdom of God comes to everyone that in truth came to seek of God and God granted him to draw near and be illuminated and because of that drawing near and that illumination thus the seeker came to have true faith or real faith and through that true faith or real faith thus the seeker within a very short time also came to have true fear of God or the real fear of God because the seeker feared to say or to think something that would anger or that would offend God. The scare of the fear departed, although not the true fear and the wisdom of heart started to arrive to the fearing seeker and through her he in truth praises and gives grace to God as Creator.

Thus in truth, without the true gladness of God in one thus there is in truth no true fear of God and without the true fear of God in one thus in truth there will not be wisdom of heart and without wisdom of heart thus one will never be dwelling of God because in truth God prepares one as dwelling of God through wisdom of heart or through the true wisdom of God. And without dwelling thus one will stop breathing and will die and because of dying thus one will stop from existing…


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