imitating without doing

No one can imitate without doing no matter how cheap or how expensive the price paid or the lie believed. All living things are doing things but things truly do first through imitation of things that already are and are also doing through imitation because through imitation, thus one will arrive to where everything is complete, so complete that there is no gap, no gap at all to even move about or to even turn around, but where everything is known and where everything is now imitating one as one imitated to get in. Thus, without one imitating or without one doing thus one cannot become or enter!

Because in truth, the idea of imitating or of doing for one very self is to get where one in truth cannot get in through motion and that is back into oneself!

And through imitation or through doing thus one gets information or knowledge to be able to get back in, back in into one very self! And that very reentry right back into one very self will allow for infinite possibilities, no end at all by simply imitating and thus understanding!


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