To be reborn

One is born dying to die. One is born alive dying. And one dies dying, but to live one needs life and for one to be reborn one needs to be alive and live through one and for one.

Because in truth, for one being born alive by overcoming before life and because of truly overcoming before life thus one rested and took form so that with form be born alive and alive present to receive knowledge of life to life have and in life continue and in life do so that through doing come in truth to know and to give knowledge as once was given to one for one being born and being born with alive. And to be reborn, thus, is almost the same! But in the case of life where one in truth is now thus one must give in truth knowledge with the mouth when before one gave knowledge with one’s living body. And after one gives or one presents knowledge thus through that very knowledge which one in truth has presented with the mouth thus knowledge to one will be given or will be granted. And through that knowledge or acknowledgement which to one had being given to through the labor of the mouth of one very self, thus one in truth will be reborn alive in the very same life!


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