To go to the river and water seek

There truly is no problem in going to the river and water seek to water drink and water to have and because of the having thus in truth drown the thirst, the very thirst which in truth moved one to come to the river so that one could be refreshed or revived!

Now then, the grand problem in truth is in one drowning in the water with the water which in truth is a vessel to fill to become new!

And the same as above is life, which is an empty vase which one must fill an she is filled in truth emptying her in God through God and to God deliver when through completeness God truly fills her!

But there is truly no need to cry through the empty vase, because asking through her truly is more than enough!

Because in truth, a word well said or well put, even though it may be to be granted to, is in truth a word that truly fills more than all the floods which can be awaken with the cry of thirst or with a cry of cries!


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