If one is not happy

If one is not truly happy with one oneself, then neither one will make another happy because the truth is that one seeks happiness or joy away from oneself so that one can truly be happy or be joyful! There truly is no sun which illuminates or shines with the light of another and he that truly seeks joy or seeks happiness away from him very self thus he will never in truth be happy because he has truly pretended to be another, what he is truly not and what he truly will never be!

Thus to pretend to be more than one by pretending to be someone else without truly knowing one and the great power of one is not only vanity but it is also losing the very power of one and the very ability to be more as one through one for one wanting or for one doing to be more through another, something that truly will never happen because what is for one truly will be through one oneself and never through another or because of another!


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