To know and to listen

According to the knowledge which one oneself brought, which one oneself presented or one even added to the world when one was born for one oneself, thus in truth one will listen or one will respond or one will even do in the world!

The good purpose of doing as is also of being born is in truth true or is royal knowledge or is acknowledgement. Now then, only through true knowledge or acknowledgement is that one is in truth reborn and one is in truth reborn in the very same world from the very same life from one very self. And when one in truth is reborn because of true knowledge thus one is reborn in truth in double the abundance and double the abundance are in truth five times the quantity. And that double the abundance consist in truth of true or royal peace, of true or royal knowledge, of true or royal gladness and of true or royal joy and also the double abundance consist of the true or the royal salvation of God, because to be reborn in truth is through knowledge or is through acknowledgement but to be reborn is because of listening and responding for oneself.

Because in truth, one will be called in life so that in life one can enter if it is that one oneself responds to the call of salvation!


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