Life does not harm because of ignorance, even though in truth ignorance is the greater part of life. In the very same manner, life does not harm but the lack of life is what really harms.

Now then, life is truly knowledge even though that knowledge which is life is not really understood. To be able to understand or know life, thus for life one must do because through doing things are truly known or are understood. Thus in truth, to come to know or to understand was to come to enter with complete gladness and with complete joy into life but enter into life as new and as if all the times one had already known or understood. And rebirth is also the very same way, which is in truth to enter again into life but with complete gladness and with complete and renewing joy and also in double abundance, double because now there are the things of one but twice. And what now is of one for one being reborn, not only also has become new and for more, but also the things of one truly cannot ever be taken away from one by anybody else.


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