Daily Archives: June 28, 2015

The need to speak

Often the need to speak makes the tongue numb, thus making one feel dumb. Therefore, do not make a need of speak for the best things are often said when least expected. But if not, then seek the truth and when you find her, she will speak for you!


Such is the Spirit of life

No light enters a closed lit or a closed eye; no breath enters a breathless nostril; no true knowledge enters where it is not wanted. Such is the spirit of life. The spirit of life does not enter where it is not wanted.

Believe and the three steps

Believe is only the first step, for two more are needed. Believe is a turn of 180 degrees. Believe is to make a half a turn and take the next two steps toward where the eyes look; if two more steps are not taken, then one is still trespassing, even though believing. But those two last steps are taken through the mouth when one requests for forgiveness…