Daily Archives: June 18, 2015

To what the dead testify to

The dead through their deformed body can only testify to two things, that they were once alive and with form and that now are dead and without form!

That is the reason that one has to speak in life to not only one be heard but also that in life one be responded to and the pardon requested for be forever our witness of life when one is responded to from above.

In life he that does not open his mouth dies and because of dead forever will have his mouth closed. He for dead his destiny he has thrown to a side, into the tomb, into the tomb from where nothing comes out because for nothing was thrown and for nothing has become!


Without the gladness and without the joy of the father

Without the gladness and without the joy of the father in the son the son is not beloved of the father and for that reason there will not be rename or acknowledgement from the father to the son as son beloved of the father and neither there will be new life in the son nor in the father.