Who imitates without knowing?

Who has imitated or who has done without knowing you? I was born into the world but as dead, as dead but in complete pain! The air that you gave me harms me, lacking when I need it the most! The common or the simple things of life such as friendship and such as the smile are missing to me, missing to me!

The near leaves me! I am a stranger in my house! Even the green grass burns me, even though my name is forester! Blisters cover my crippled body, crippled for lack, for lack of love and your air! Oh, I have seeded in vain!

But even so, I walk with extended arms, even though the world ridicules me! And also my grandparents, who are beloved, rebuke me and are ashamed of me!

Who in truth has imitated you without knowing you? You have being a forester but I have come to love you as son and for that also I have felt beloved, even in this double desolation, the one from the world and the one that you have put me in by knowing you…


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