The Woman Lied with her Womb


The woman lied to me with her womb; that is how she conquered me; and I left and forgot my sweet dreams of conquering my destiny; and even I left the best of friends without a goodbye; my family I didn’t hear or gave time.

I housed the woman and her inflated womb; when it no longer kept inflating, I became a father, the happiest guy on the earth I knew!

She lived the lied to the fullest; but I, thinking I was happy loved them both, her and the small one.

But the lying lady was not happy no matter how much the love of my foolish heart was showed.

Even though she had me like mud on her feet, the lie that she lived was swallowing her in pieces as it also had swallowed me but whole; and into the arms of another man with a smaller heart, the liar went to be comforted from her sadness.



Letters from a forester, a free eBook

by Forester de Santos



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